Year 2007, visit Malaysia year, Borneoheadhunters Tattoo Studio in Kuching, was successfully organized The 2nd Borneo International Tattoo Convention 2007 (June 29th -1st July ) which is organized by the Sibu Municipal Council (SMC)  in yet another magnificent location in the Sibu district of Sarawak, eastern Malaysia, to most “ the centre of visiting our rich forms of cultural and traditional ethnic diversity”.

This is because Sibu is located in the heart of Sarawak, and this is rather strategic for those who want to travel or have plans to visit other parts of Sarawak and its places of interest, mainly located by the mighty Rajang river, where those who wish to travel to the upper rajang to the Baleh Kapit rapids whereby you see and experience The ibans, their longhouses and as you travel upper you get to where the Kayan, Kenyah and Berawans dwell, or even take the tributaries to Punan and Kejaman territories. Sibu is indeed the ideal centre as location is its advantage.

Bukit Aup Park (Jubilee Park) just a little about 15-20 minutes drive from the centre of Sibu. The venue is located on top of a small mountain park surrounded by neighboring Iban longhouses. I would say from my point of view surrounded by all that green, perfect for the event.

The 2nd Borneo International Tattoo Convention 2007, brought together international acclaimed tattoo artist from all over the world and also local talents, whereby the Art of tattooing will be highlighted by traditional performances, traditional music, cultural dances, tribal peace offerings to the spirits and parades from all the major tribal cultures and what is left of the elders who were tattooed the way it was a long time ago … so in other word bringing you back in time when the tattoos worn by the individual glorifies the life of the oneself.

This will be the sequel to the preservation of a tradition and culture that only can be kept alive on a living individual, a form of art that lives as long as we live, so the only way to keep this tattoo culture alive is to get tattooed, which means renewing the goals set out in 2002.

The Sarawak Borneo tattoo culture has been known all over the world because of its cultural and traditional roots, and as an Iban who comes from a culture and tradition and being Sarawakian, I hope that it will bring back to life a lifeless body of this dying culture.

Thank you for the support, and see you again!



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