Borneoheadhunters Tattoo Studio organized the 1st Borneo International Tattoo Convention in Kuching (1st – 5th May 2002). The event was visited by  an overwhelming 2,500-3,000 foreign visitor from all over the globe may it be tattoo artist, collectors, euthanatize, tourist, or even just those who were just curious.

The event in 2002 was organized mainly in support of a tattoo culture that is dying off rapidly consumed by time itself, so the event in itself was to share it to the world and by the view of interest from other countries or culture it can spark out a flame in what the tattoo culture means to Sarawak especially those who come from the tribes that practice tattooing as their way of life in the past in the hope that it can still be revived.  The event also aims to change the point of view of society generally that tattoos are just negative in nature, but here in Sarawak tattoos were a way of life signifying achievements, status, battle insignia and the living dairy of ones life for hundreds and even thousands of years.

The event was successful one due to the fact that people from all over the globe, United States, United kingdom, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Switzerland, France, Germany, Brazil etc. came to Borneo for the event in support for the tattoo culture of Sarawak, Borneo. Never in the history of Sarawak is there an event that could have people from all over the globe attend voluntarily in Support of our dying Culture, so me Ernesto from Borneoheadhunters Tattoo Studio in Kuching wish to thank you all that has directly and indirectly supported the tattoo culture of Sarawak and the 1st International Borneo Tattoo Convention 2002. I hope that you all will be back again in 2007.

Left: YB Dublin Unting giving opening speech

Right: Iban elder giving rooster as ceremonial sacrifice

Left: Ayak Lugom blessing the offering

Right: TV Brazil commentator with Iban Elder

Left: YB Dublin discussing Miring ceremony

Right: Ernesto Tattooing

Left: Freewind of California tattoing

Right: Afternoon Heat

Left: Philipa from New Zealand

Right: Rinus Souissa,& Marco Bratt of Holland

Left: Hori Hiro Japan Tattooing tebori style

Right: The opening Iban lemambangs miring by Minister of social development Y.B Mr Dublin Unting

Left: Iban traditional dance, ‘Ngajat’.

Right: Iban elders and visiting tattoo artists from England.

Left: Alex Nardini from Italy tattooing.

Center: Alex Nardini having a thought about having a go with cockfighting.

Right: Arahi.

Left: Arahi , Aya Lugom & Nehe.

Center: Aya Ijau doing The Ngajat.

Right: Aya Lugom, Apai Isa, unknown, Yb Dublin unting, Lyle Tuttle and Patty Kelly.

Left: Bit from Lausanne, switzerland tattooing.

Center: Bit Schoenenberger tattooing.

Right: Ernesto & Arahi.

Left: Ernesto at the Miring ceremony.

Center: Ernesto’s cousin Kudang Tattooing.

Right: Freewind Tattooing the Samoan traditional Method.

Left: Hori- Hiro tattooing spike.

Center: Jeroen from Holland.

Right: Josh Roelink from Australia tattooing.

Left: Just having the usual Randau ruai.

Center: Koos and Seito from Holland.

Right: Ladies ngajat.

Left: Marc Pinto doing branding.

Center: Marco Bratt of holland Tattooing.

Right: ‘Miring’ niki ke temuai by the Iban elders.

Left: Nehe tattooing.

Center: Peace and friendship offering between two tribes.

Right: Rinus , Aya Ijau & Marco bratt.

Left: The ladies in ceremonial dress.

Center: The tattooed crowd.

Right: Tin Tin of Paris drawing on a design.

Left: Udo from Germany tattooing.

Right: YB Dublin Unting discussing Miring ceremony.

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